Friday, April 13, 2012


My friend, Greg Asimakoupoulos, has penned another great poem...this time recalling the tragic sinking of the Titanic...100 years ago.

Beware of Icebergs

A tragedy of Titanic proportions...

They called her a vessel that God couldn't sink,
a cruise ship that dwarfed all the rest.
A thousand feet tall and 900 feet long.
It was the White Star's very best.

Titanic they named her. A titan at sea.
More than 2,200 set sail
for the trip of a lifetime (in more ways than one).
A maiden voyage destined for Hell.

An iceberg in-waiting tore open her hull,
a tempter the ship didn't see.
Too proud to be cautious, she paid pride's full price
and sank to the depths of the sea.

And so the Titanic provides us the means
to ponder the pride in our lives.
Are we blind to temptations that could take us down?
Do we render such icebergs a guise?

Or do we acknowledge we're likely to sink
unless we draw nearer to God?
Our choice is not destined. We aren't ships of fate.
We can choose to steer clear of sin's fog.

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