Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't Forget

My friend Greg Asimakoupoulos has written another excellent poem.  

Check this one out:

Marking Time on Veterans' Day

The cadence of a grateful heart

A grassy field of markers and a multitude of flags
call attention to those veterans who are gone.
'Neath the sod they sleep in silence waiting for the reveille
when old Gabriel trumpets resurrection's dawn.

As I wander through a graveyard on this cold November day,
I am warmed by countless names that catch my eye.
They belong to men and women who obeyed their Uncle's call
and then served our nation proudly till they died.

Each (in uniform allegiance) pledged unflaggingly to serve
freedom's cause no matter where that need might be.
And because they did, we're vested in both rights and privileges
that define the fabric of democracy.

Without speaking I bear witness to these heroes of the past
through the cadence of my grateful beating heart.
Marking time I count my blessings for the legacy they left
as I hear their plea for me to do my part.

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