Friday, June 10, 2011

New Venture

Welcome to FRIENDS Peterborough, a local outreach of a program that began internationally in 1998.  We have been serving the people in Kenya, Brazil, India, the Sudan and other countries but now we are launching our program, giving people a "hands up" right here in our own city, Peterborough.

Here in Peterborough we want to help our "friends" any way we can. We will be available 5-6 days a week from 9:30 - 2:30 in a downtown location that we will announce as soon as negotiations are finalized.

We will lend a listening ear to those to need someone to talk to.  We will not solve the problems of those who visit us but we will refer them to the proper agencies, health care facilities, organizations, etc. that can best meet their needs.  We will be available to help seniors, new Canadians, young people, single fact, our arms will be open and our hands lend assistance to anyone who comes through our doors.

We will reach out with an attitude of respect, giving dignity to a needy world.


Our mission as FRIENDS is to be hands extended to those in need.  There are many people in our community that are deprived of the basic essentials.  As a humanitarian organization we will seek to provide help to those individuals.


FRIENDS Peterborough is governed by a Board of Directors.  Working in conjunction with that Board will be three men initially.  We will add additional staff and volunteers as needed.

The three men who will co-ordinate the FRIENDS Peterborough program are Chanda Kaziya, Jim Duggan and David Fisher.

As soon as we have finalized our location we will be posting that information here on this site.

We welcome all our future "FRIENDS" to FRIENDS Peterborough!

FRIENDS is a not-for-profit charitable organization registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency.  Our registration # is 890961022 RR0001

Note from David Fisher:  FRIENDS Peterborough asked me to join forces with the two other staff members to help co-ordinate this new venture.  I will continue to write to and encourage athletes through Epistle Sports Ministries.


  1. What a perfect fit for you David - a listening ear and a helping hand! I pray you will be blessed as you are blessing those whose lives you touch!
    Love you cuz!

  2. Hey David! How are you doing? It's been awhile since I passed through here, thought I'd say hi.

    Praying for you!