Sunday, February 27, 2011

Strange Place

Depression can be ugly. Believe me, I've been there. You can mask it for awhile but eventually the ugliness breaks through.

But the Man of Sorrows, Jesus, knows every detail, every nuance, every heartache, every gut-wrenching situation and stands ready to help carry us through the darkest hell.

The other night I couldn't sleep. My mind played games. Ruminating can be disastrous.  But words and phrases that came to mind were placed in sentences and random thoughts became poetry, albeit frightening stuff.

Here's what I wrote about the strange place I found myself in:

This strange place in which I stand
Is neither hell nor promised land;
But shards of both now pierce my soul,
O God, please make me well and whole!

This strange place in which I sit
Can be a throne or deep, dark pit;
But hidden from the Son's warm ray
O God, please take the pain away!

This strange place in which I lie
With dread cry out "O let me die";
Now where I lie or sit or stand,
O God, please take my trembling hand.

This strange place so fraught with pain
Beset by loss and seldom gain;
Can be the place You've brought me to
Where all I have is me...
And YOU!

Copyright © 2011 - David W. Fisher 

God has a way of bringing us out into a better place.  During those dark, depressing hours I reread the 18th Psalm where David joyfully states, "He brought me out into a spacious place; He rescued me because He delighted in me." - Psalm 18:19 (NIV)  

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  1. I love your poem because it holds a perspective of hope and trust in God through darkest times. I love it because I see a vulnerability that causes you to invite God into where you are, allowing Him to embrace and carry you. One of the comforting things to me about this piece is your acknowledgement of God's hand in this place that you are at, that allows God to carry you, and although this place is hard I see you clinging to the Father. That is exactly the kind of heart I want to have toward God in my darkest of times when it is hard for me to trust. I am praying for God's peace and comfort to be on you.
    Blessings, Lori