Friday, June 25, 2010

Blest Be The Tie That Binds (and Chokes)

Christian historian, Tyler Nector, displays an ancient item of clothing once worn by all spiritual and godly men and boys while attending church three times on Sunday and once in the middle of the week.  Many of these unfortunate souls choked to death during Pastor Charlton Finkenbinder's two-hour expositions of Holy Scripture.


  1. I'm pretty sure someone in my family was hung sometime in the past, cause everytime I put one on I break out into a cold sweat...

  2. What's that the pastor is holding in his hand?

    Out here in the Desert, many of us wear (depending on the season) shorts or jeans to church. It's not at all unusual to go into a doctor, lawyer or banker's office during office hours and see them wearing jeans. We have a restaurant here in Tucson that has a "no-tie" rule. If somebody sits down at a table wearing a necktie, the "marshal" comes along and, with great ceremony, cuts off the tie. I understand there have actually been some unsuspecting patrons who came wearing a tie and were miffed when their ties were cut off. Most people see this for the gag it is and wear the most tattered tie in their collection so everybody can enjoy a good laugh.

    I love the informality of the American Southwest.

  3. H-m-m... Well, I still wear a tie and jacket to church, and I haven't choked yet. :-) I believe it honours the Lord to dress as well as we can in attending the house of God. BUT, that, of course, does not entitle us to look down on those who don't agree, or those who would like to dress better but can't afford better clothes.