Thursday, May 21, 2009

Profiling a Friend

I've always been intrigued by Victoria Gaines' (Vicki) profile of herself on her Windows To My Soul blog. My heart resonates with hers as I read her caricature of herself. In many ways her profile parallels mine although I'm sure she was a better nurse than I "wasn't."

Be sure to visit Windows To My Soul often.

Here's that profile:

"Freelance writer, retired nurse, friend to the broken-hearted. Out of sync with the world; utterly dependent upon God. Artsy, creative, and warm. Sensitive. Sometimes too sensitive. Introspective. Sometimes too introspective. Funny - I crack myself up. Missionary with a pen; soul mate to the weary. Easy going til I get freaked out. Sentimental, hormonal, sometimes both at the same time.

I believe in knee-mail, giving from the heart, speaking the truth in love, standing up for what's right, walking by faith, and relying on the inexhaustible grace of God. I've discovered that psycho-babble can't help me, the self-reliant can't understand me, but true spirituality is a living, breathing, saving relationship with Jesus Christ."

The Pilgrim's comments:

Vicki has certainly been a "missionary with a pen" to me as her encouraging comments and e-mails have often lifted my sagging spirits and put a bounce in my step again. She truly is a soul-mate to the weary and a prayer warrior. Thanks for the blessing you've been to me, Vicki!

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