Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Pilgrim's Ongoing Progress

Dear Fellow Pilgrims:

Rather than posting a separate entry here on PILGRIM PILGRIMS, I'm posting the e-mail update I sent out earlier today. Some of you will already have received this. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

Lots of love,


Here's the update:

Update on Mom's Surgery:

First of all, thank you to all who have inquired about mom's surgery. We thank God for your concern and for your faithful prayer support. I have passed along your love and greetings to her.

Mom had her surgery last Saturday and it went well. She had to have her 9-year-old replacement hip removed due to infection that had set in. It was a long and difficult surgery because the hip had bonded so well with the rest of the surrounding area that they had to do a controlled break where it attaches to the femur to remove it. She has a concrete spacer where the hip was and it is filled with antibiotics which seep out into the hip area to eliminate any possible further infection.

Mom will be hospitalized for another 6-8 weeks after which they will put in a new replacement hip. She seems to be in great spirits but values the prayers of God's people. Thanks for continuing to pray!

Elim Lodge:

This afternoon (Saturday) I will begin my 2nd two-week stint as Chapel Director at Elim Lodge. I'm responsible to lead all 14 chapel services each week and be available to anyone who requires spiritual assistance. I enjoyed carrying out my responsibilities there in early July and I'm looking forward to this time away. Carol and the family will join me for the entire 2nd week that I'm there.

Epistle Sports Ministries:

Earlier this week I was at the ballpark in Toronto and had a very meaningful visit with Cito Gaston, the Blue Jays' manager. As you know, John Gibbons the former manager and I had a great relationship and I was sad to see him go. Cito was always very congenial and co-operative with me in the past and will continue to be that way. Following the game I had dinner with Gabe Gross, the former Blue Jay who is now with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Please Pray:

The summer months are always difficult times for Christian ministries and Epistle Sports Ministries is experiencing a huge drop in gifts and donations. We need a miracle in the next few weeks and we're trusting God to provide in His usual, unpredictable, wonderful ways. Thanks for your prayers and practical expressions of love and support. It means so much!

Gifts may be sent to:

Epistle Sports Ministries
294 Rink Street, Suite 101
Peterborough, ON K9J 2K2

Thank you!

And Finally:

Please be sure to check out our PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS web site at Our George Muller site has been getting a good number of "hits" recently as well. Please check it out.

God bless each of you and thank you for your love, friendship and prayers.

In His great love,



  1. Thank you for keeping us posted on your mother. We continue to pray for her recovery, after reading your writings, it will surely seem endless, to her. We do hope the time passes quickly. I understand she enjoyed Christians sermon. He is such a special boy. God Bless all of you. We will see you again when I am in the area Aug. 20th.

  2. blessings on you David ... i was just catching up on your posts ... i hope that you guys are getting cozied up in the new home God found for you!

  3. Mr Fisher, did you hear that Gabe Gross hit a 2-run homer last night? I'm glad fr him BUT I'm a Red Sox fan! And the D-Rays are in front of my beloved "Bo-Sox"! Oh well.