Monday, July 21, 2008

Memories of "Sid"

Lately I find myself reminiscing a lot more than I used to. This thoroughly enjoyable practice must increase in frequency with advancing years.

Memories! Life is packed with them. Many are good. Some bad. Others are distinctly unforgettable.

One of my fondest recollections concerns a visit to The Peoples Church in Toronto many years ago. J. Sidlow Baxter was in town for another of his visits to this historical church. I made the drive from Peterborough knowing that I wouldn't be disappointed. I wasn't!

"Sid", as he was affectionately known, came down from the platform in the middle of his message and sat at the grand piano. I don't recall the hymn he played but I recall sensing Him in an even deeper way. Sid had a unique way of bringing his listeners into the very throne-room of God.

His books continue to be a blessing to thousands. This memory is one I will cherish for ever.

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