Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maintenance Man...NOT!

For regular readers of the Pilgrim Scribblings blog, you will notice some recent changes in our format.

The blog was getting far too "busy" and I decided to make a few alterations. When I changed the template to a different one, I lost all my previous links. I had too many anyway. I'm going to add a few in several different categories when I get a chance.

Have you dropped by The Blog Inn site? Check it out at:

Thanks for your patience as we re-work this site. I've had some very encouraging comments in recent days and I has spurred me on to write more. Just wait and see.

I still have to edit a number of recent posts so that they fit the new format better.

'Til then, happy reading and may you experience God's gracious and loving hand in wonderful ways!

- David, the clueless maintenance man.


  1. It's looking good so far. I look forward to those extra posts you've been writing.

  2. Good Morning Mr. Fisher, from Southern Ontario!! Another hot day here, I hope.. On my way to St Catharines to work and I hope a good photo shoot.
    You may not be a maintenance man but from what I saw of your blog, it sure is a good one! And THAT takes a lot of dedication and hard work!
    Blessings to your whole family... from Teresa

  3. David, I have to be honest - when I made my almost-daily-check of Pilgrim Scribblings the other day and saw the new layout, I didn't like it! However, every day since I have warmed up to it and now I love it - very refreshing! I think it was just change itself that I didn't like, not what was actually changed! Anyway, I am honored to have made the cut on your "links" list - I hope I will not let you down after keeping me on...

  4. David, I like the new look! My hubby is totally jazzed about the RiverHawks new season and beautiful new facility. Hope you're enjoying baseball!