Friday, November 25, 2005

Road Warrior

This morning I'm leaving for a weekend roadtrip, meeting up with the Peterborough Petes in Windsor, Ontario and then spending the next three (3) days in Windsor, Plymouth (Michigan) and Saginaw (Michigan). Today I'm heading northwest to Flesherton, Ontario to pay my respects to the Neil family following the tragic passing of Bonnie Neil earlier this week. Bonnie and Barry's son, Chris, plays for the Ottawa Senators and is a good friend of my nephew, Mike Fisher. Following that, I'll head down to Windsor.

Tomorrow morning we'll have "Monday We Have Fish", our twice-monthly Bible study with the Petes. We'll meet in my hotel room after breakfast. My mother baked several batches of cookies for the occasion so I guess we could call it "Saturday We Have Cookies". THANKS MOM! We know that David Shantz loves her ginger cookies. She made him a whole tin two weeks ago.

Please pray for safety as I'll be traveling many miles over the next few days. The weather could be treacherous so I value your prayers. Pray, too, that my time with the guys on the team will be profitable.

Thanks for standing with me.


David/Epistle Sports Ministries

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